Welcome to Bazaar Dog, your scrappy Open Bazaar search provider

This is an about page for an OpenBazaar 2 search provider. The search endpoint is a data API only, there is no public webpage to browse listings, only json. If you try to browse the api outside of OpenBazaar you'll be directed here.

How do I use Bazaar Dog?

You can also use bazaar.dog to search for moderators and profiles. In OpenBazaar 2.0 (download), configure your search provider to be: bazaar.dog

like so...

What about finding a good moderator or vendor?

Configure a different search provider to bazaar.dog/profile/ (note slash at end).

Hidden Service

The hidden endpoints are http://obfojhv6ay5fedog.onion and http://obfojhv6ay5fedog.onion/profile/

Note, although it is a hidden service, the work is being done on a public cloud with a reverse tor proxy. Logging for the hidden workers are turned off, however logs are still made and kept by the cloud provider. That said, I'm not sure that such logs or full access to the reverse proxy or workers would provide an adversary with useful information, given that actual browsing information and order transaction data are never sent to the search providers.

Search providers are not privy to what is searched for, information is not transmitted regarding which listings are clicked on.


It's not working, what am I doing wrong?

If your profile search looks like the listing search check your tailing slash "/" without it https://bazaar.dog/profile will direct you to listing search. The profile search icon is a guard dog:Profile Icon, the listing search is a fetch dog: Logo Icon

Also, don't prepend the name with "www", www.bazaar.dog is the static site you're currently on.

Is this safe to buy things without being scammed?

Well, at the moment known scammers are being removed manually. I think safe would be automatic detection and removal listings with behavior indicative of a scam.

Be sure to read the scam prevention page from openbazaar: https://www.openbazaar.org/scam-prevention/

Also please read the scam mega-thread on reddit: /r/OpenBazaar/scammer_megathread_information_about_scam/

Can I pay you to put my new Antminer store at the top or your results?


I found an Antminer using your search engine from a seller with four anonymous ratings, should I buy it?


I got scammed trying to buy an Antminer, how can I get my money back?


Are you OpenBazaar?

No, nor is this OB1.

Where is your webpage?

Again, this is the webpage for now.

Where are the listings?

*Sigh*, I don't see the utility of rewriting a client to browse listings if it would then be impossible to purchase or list anything. If/When ipfs-js and a spv bitcoin wallet can live in the browser or phone, I'm game.

I wrote another client for OpenBazaar but I can't configure this search provider? or, I want to browse the json from my browser or use it in a project?

The search engine middleware looks for the phrase "OpenBazaar" in the User Agent of the request and passes any request from a non specialized client here. Simply include this string in your user_agent and your request should pass to the API correctly.

What is your donation address?